Dr. Stephen Hoa Au received his Pharm.D. from Florida A&M College of Pharmacy in 1990. He started his career as a Pharmacist working at Eckerd Pharmacy for 13 years before joining HEB Pharmacy in 2004. At the young of age of 4, Dr. Au suffered a traumatic experience that would change his world and gavehim a purpose. During the Vietnam War, he watched his father passedaway from an infectionbecause ofunsanitary conditions and lack of electricitydespitea successful appendicitis surgery. From that moment he knew that he wanted to dedicate his life to helping others and preventing this from happening to anybody else, especially those lacking the resources. Being an immigrant to the United States, Dr. Auhadfirsthandexperienceand saw the lack of free/affordable health care services that many in the communitylacked or did not know of. Using his platform as a pharmacist, he began promoting and volunteering inmany free health fairs. He has a passion to help others and strive to help raise awareness and educate the community on how to live a healthier lifestyle. He holds at least 8 health fairs yearly in low-income communities. Within these fairs, Dr. Au provides free health screeningand immunizationto participants.Knowing the importanceof early guidance for students’ professional development,Dr. Aubecame a mentor to many pharmacy studentsbecause of his passion to share his knowledge to the next generation of pharmacists. In 2011, Dr. Au received aHEB Pharmacy Rising Star Award.In 2014,hereceived a Community Service Award fromtheHouston Asian Alumni of University of Houston.In 2016, he received a HEB Excellence in Pharmacy Award.Currently, Dr. Au is a member andpresident of VAPhA, Vietnamese American Pharmacy Association in Texas, an organization dedicated to giving back to the community, and nourishing the new generation of pharmacists.By sharinghisexperienceand passion to aid people in the community, Dr. Au has made a positive impactonmany pharmacy students who have become pharmacists and continue passing on his lessons to younger students.