Mission & Values

Community service: VAPhA is committed to improve community health in the greater Houston area. We hosted over 20 health fairs annually with the goal to serve the community through blood glucose, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, A1C screening, and influenza vaccination. We also hosted the Diabetes Clinic quarterly to provide scientific information to the community about diet, lifestyle modification, and brown bag medication review.

Professional development: VAPhA provides many continuing education credit (CE dinners) and drug information dinners to the members throughout the years. The goal is to update pharmacist members with the latest guidelines and laws (e.g.: opioids law). We are always looking for feedback to deliver more quality events that serve you better.

Mentorship: VAPhA focuses on establishing a friendly and caring environment where pharmacists can volunteer their time to give back and mentor students. We host a Mock Interview Day every year to prepare prepharmacy students applying to pharmacy school, pharmacy students applying to internships and residency, but also pharmacy graduates for jobs. VAPhA has given scholarships to students during the annual Gala as a recognization for their commitment for pharmacy.

Advocacy: VAPhA is devoted to the professional advancement of the pharmacy profession through our representation in the community.