I am a retail pharmacy manager at Walgreens and am licensed in the state of Texas and California. I started with the company in 1998 as a pharmacy technician and worked throughout my pharmacy schooling at the University of Houston. I did a Community Pharmacy Practice Residency with Walgreens in collaboration with the University of Houston in 2003 and completed my M.S. in Pharmacy Administration, University of Houston in 2005 with a thesis on: Evaluating Over-the-Counter Drug Use/Misuse in HIV Infected Patients.
At my current pharmacy, we work with Access Care of Coastal Texas, Galveston County Health District and Coastal Health & Wellness, a 340B program, to dispense PrEP. I have been actively attending luncheon and dinner programs hosted by UTMB, ACCT and Gilead to not only maintain and keep up-to-date on educational knowledge but also see it as an opportunity to network and be in the community.
I recently was appointed to the 2019-2021 Public Policy and the Associations Affair councils of the Texas Pharmacy Association. I have actively attended the annual TPA conference and participated in Texas Pharmacy Day for the past many sessions. I believe that each of us has a duty to represent pharmacy and it won’t happen if we don’t get involved. When we don’t speak up, we lose our chances for advancement of the profession.
I precept students starting from high school all the way to graduate pharmacists. I like to empower others to obtain their highest potential and also, in that mentor relationship, I too, will be empowered by my mentee.
I see many opportunities for VAPhA and am enlightened by the numerous events and collaborations this organization has and has done. I am extremely impressed by the leaders of VAPhAand the abundant amount of skills that can be shared to each other and to student members. I was introduced to VAPhA by Thanh Pham and Kimberly Nguyen and after having met the president, Stephen Au, I was sold on joining. I am looking forward to helping out where I can and helping VAPhA grow!