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Date: September 8th, 2018
Time: 9 am - 12 noon
Location: VAN Houston Academy
13618 Bellaire Blvd, Ste E3, Houston, TX 77083
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VAPhA Membership
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All students interested in a pharmacy career are invited to join the Student Section of VAPhA! The Student Section welcomes all high school, pre-pharmacy college students, and current pharmacy students.

  • Benefits to joining VAPhA as a student member:
    Networking – get to know current pharmacy students and pharmacists
  • Professional development – CV/resume review, mock interviews, mentorship
  • Community service – support health initiatives in the underserved population to positively impact health care in the Asian community through health fairs and community outreach events
  • Scholarship – scholarship awards are awarded to help with the education costs and recognize outstanding students


Would you like your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) reviewed by a pharmacist? This service is FREE to VAPhA Student Members! Please send your resume and/or CV to for guidance and feedback!


Student Section Leadership Team:
Chair: Tot Le, UH COP 3rd year pharmacy student
Chair-elect: Pending
Secretary: Pending
Recruitment Officer: Chien Vu, UH COP 3rd year pharmacy student
Health Fair Officer: Pending
Social Media/Historian: Matthew Trinh, UH COP 2nd year pharmacy student

To reach any of the Student Section Leadership Team Members, please email

VAPhA Mentor Program

This program is designed to increase student awareness of a career in pharmacy and practice opportunities within the pharmacy profession.  This program will provide each student the opportunity to develop one-on-one relationship with pharmacists.

Mentee responsibilities:

  • Maintain confidentiality in personal information shared
  • Inform the mentor of areas of interest in pharmacy
  • Discuss ideals, goals, aspirations and plan of action/timeline with the mentor
  • Respond to mentor’s communication at least once per quarter (via phone, email)
  • Be willing to discuss problems and concerns as they occur with the mentor
  • Seek feedback from your mentor regarding your strengths and additional developmental needs
  • Work with your mentor to seek resources and opportunities for learning
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from mentor
  • Participate in mentor/mentee functions and activities
  • Contact mentor within one to two weeks of receiving his/her contact information

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Mentor responsibilities:

  • Introduce mentee to opportunities to advance professional development
  • Identify resources to help the mentee enhance personal development and career growth
  • Offer support, guidance, encouragement, and motivation to the mentee in high school, college, pharmacy, and post-graduate goals and opportunities
  • Maintain at least quarterly contact (via phone, email) with mentee
  • Encourage at least one face-to-face meeting annually (VAPhA Gala, health fair)
  • Maintain confidentiality in personal information shared
  • Acquaint mentee with pharmacy profession and pharmacy area of practice, as appropriate
  • Expand mentee’s network of contacts with other pharmacists if opportunities arise
  • Complete and submit Documentation of Mentor/Mentee Activity worksheet

Guide on mentoring:

Qualities of a Good Mentor:

How to be a Great Mentor: