Pharmacy Doctor


After graduation from pharmacy school at St. John’s University, Phuong managed an independent retail pharmacy where he had worked for more than two years as an intern. After about a year, he joined hospital pharmacy team in Brooklyn, NY and served for about five years. He then expanded to oncology pharmacy practice at Columbia Presbyterian, both in and out patient settings and St Vincent Cancer Center for another few years. During this time he kept his part time involvement in the retail pharmacy settings and continued his graduate studies in Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics/Industrial pharmacy programs. lastly, he managed to graduate with a master degree in Human Nutrition. Then life gets in the way, he moved to Austin, Texas to be a Pharmacist in charge for one of the best retail pharmacy/grocery company in the country. After moving to Austin, he joined the pharmacy administration PhD program in the school of pharmacy at the University of Texas/Austin. During this time, he also worked as a consultant pharmacist for a local start-up EMR/EHR software company that deals specifically with pharmacy portion of the EMR/EHR programs that are currently appear in most eRXs in retail settings. After leaving the PhD program, he had joined an outpatient infusion settings as a clinical pharmacist for a few years before rejoining HEB as pharmacy manager until present.