Pharmacy Doctor


Julie Huynh started to learn music when she was ten years old and was interested in Vietnamese traditional ínstruments.  Came to US with her family when she were 20 years old and graduated from UH College of Pharmacy in 1998.  After working for Eckerd and Kmart for 5 years, she now establishes with the leading chain retail pharmacy HEB in Houston TX.  While working as a pharmacist, Julie is active in promoting Vietnamese music and teaching traditional instruments in the Vietnamese community and mainstream.  She built a band named Viet Wave Music as a vehicle to work on her missions.  Famous in The Refuge program organized by Houston Grand Opera in 2006, she was playing dan tranh and dan bau and has her picture published on the New York Times under the name Julie Trinh Dang.  She is now working for the HEB in the Southwest Houston where the most Vietnameses reside with the purpose of helping Vietnamese people with the language barrier as well as to develop Vietnamese traditional music in the community and people from other countries.