Pharmacy Doctor


Dr. Annie Truong and Dr. Chau Phan received their Doctor of Pharmacy from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston. The husband and wife team are the proud owner of three successful independent pharmacies across the greater Houston area. BioCare Pharmacy is dedicated to serving the Vietnamese community in providing services in the specialty compounding medications formulation that are not readily available in the market. BioCare Pharmacy is their flagship pharmacy located in the heart of the Vietnamese community in Belaire under the kim Son building in the Houston-Saigon Plaza. Dr. Annie and Dr. Chau resides in the Sugar Land area and has two twins children who are special blessing from god. Both Husband and Wife team has been awarded a contract to service the VA hospital.  They are both active in the community and often give back to the community through local fund raising endeavors.  Dr Annie Truong was recently the recipient of the University of Houston Asian Alumni Association 2016 Medical Professional of the Year Award in October of 2016.